From 2012 to 2016 I served as Programme Director for Riga Technical University International Summer School — an annual hands-on course where students and young professionals get a chance to experience a full design cycle in just two weeks and acquire the skills necessary to execute every part of it. The participants do research, come up with a concept, and test it immediately by building in the public domain. They learn the properties of real materials and how spatial structures interact with their users. The Summer School aims to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and to endorse understanding between professionals of spatial disciplines, local government and the society.
Year: 2007–2016
Team: FOLD, with Toms Kokins, Niklavs Paegle, Theodore Molloy, Thomas Randall-Page, and others
Partners: Riga Technical University, Cesis Municipality
Photos © Kaspars Kursiss, Ansis Starks, Building Works Unit, Tonu Tunnel, Ramon Cordova