Miera Street in Riga is designed to serve tram and car traffic, but its crafty shops and cosy cafés attract an increasing number of cyclists and pedestrians, which often leads to a conflict on the rather narrow pavement. To prove that the street can be a space for both effective mobility and social life, we built a 14m-long street section on a scale 1:1. The mock-up was built in three days and remained in place for a week. We used this time to discuss street design with passers-by, local residents and businessmen, discovering a highly effective method of involving public in the urban design process.
Year: 2014
Team: Fine Young Urbanists (Evelina Ozola & Toms Kokins)
Client: self-initiated / Miera Street Republic
Partners: Riga 2014 European Capital of Culture, Survival Kit 6
Photos ©​​​​​​​ Kaspars Kursiss